26 May 2010

My 3 kids

Our [mostly] sweet girl:
and our [mostly] sweet boy:
and our wonderful big brother "helping" his little brother:
In other news, my back still hurts like mad and now I also have ring worm. Nice.

18 May 2010

Long Overdue

This morning I rummaged through Scott's backpack and found a notice from the library that his book was due back in April. Whoops. It's not the only thing long overdue around here. My blog needs a little attention too. I dropped Scott off at school and the two little ones off at mom's and stopped by for a quick read through my email. Then I took a look at my blog. Well, it needs a little update, especially the family picture at the top. I thought about doing that while at the clinic quick but the whole point of dropping the kids off was so I can clean my house. That's been hard to do with a certain little boy attached to me and with all the running around we've been doing.

So, my goal is to play on the net a while (I have limited time since I didn't bring my cord in for the laptop) and then get home and clean. If I finish that before it's time to get the kids (or more realistically, if I give-in first), then I'll work on some blog updates.

In the mean time, know that I'm loving my time home with my kids. It's been a huge test in patience (which I suck at). Scott has been a great little trooper, Bethany has some minor drama lately and Judah has lots of drama. But, they're kids and it can be expected. I could definitely use some prayer during this time of adjustment and so can the rest of the family I'm sure.

Here's my cute little milk mustache baby...

03 May 2010

Update from Ethiopia

Okay, well this is the first day we have a chance at internet - because we drove 20 minutes to the Hilton where we're also enjoying a nice meal.
We're in Ethiopia and loving it.  Judah is absolutely beautiful and we love, love, love him.  THe first day he was quiet and was content in our laps.  The next time we saw a smile.  Then today, he laughed and laughed when I tickled him.  It's wonderful getting to know him slowly.  Tomorrow we take custody of Judah so we have him 24/7 after that.  Tommorrow we also go to the embassy where we're praying they'll give us his passport so we can go home.
We've been to traditional meals and tribal dances (this white girl can't dance but I tried), and saw the countryside.  We traveled 6 hours to Durame and got to meet Judah's birthmother.  Very emotional and I'm thankful to Ethiopia and Holt for  making that happen for us.
It's warm here.  Sometimes there's power, sometimes there's not.  No toilet paper in the toilet, the water is slightly colored when it comes out of the faucet, etc.  But the people are beautiful and we're so thankful for the time we're spending here.   With that said, we're ready to get home too!
Please share with others.  Keep praying.  Thanks!!!

The New Busy think 9 to 5 is a cute idea. Combine multiple calendars with Hotmail. Get busy.

01 May 2010


We met our son for the first time yesterday. Head on over to our adotpion blog www.journey4hope.blogspot.com to see if we had a chance to post any pictures or text about our day.