30 January 2007

How I knew He was "the one" for me

A few weeks back, on the morning show that I listen to while driving to work, they were asking people when they knew their spouse was the right person (of course I’m sure they worded it better than I am right now but I’m tired and can’t remember exactly what they said). Anyway, for several days they took callers and each day I thought that it would be fun to call. One morning my husband must have caught part of the show and mentioned it to me. He thought he had a great story to share too. So, today, I’m sharing his version and my own and maybe this will prompt you to think of why you chose your mate.

His Story (as shared with me that morning)
Ryan wanted to call in to share with the listeners exactly when he knew I was “the one” for him. It was the first night we met. There were numerous people our age at the gathering. And several hours into the evening, Ryan got an emergency veterinary call. Being the farm kid that I learned to be, I was sure he’d be pulling a calf and I nudged B to ask him if we could ride along. Little did I know until after I got out of my seat, that it wasn’t a cow having problems birthing but rather a dog with maggots. (I’m not sure if I knew exactly that maggots were involved, I can’t remember today). Anyway, I figured I was already up and ready to go, I should just go. And although this was the first night we met, Ryan knew I was “the one” after the events that followed:
We get to the vet clinic and it was this medium length haired dog with maggots, yes maggots. She was being cared for by a family member and they noticed the problem and called the veterinary clinic. This dog had maggots crawling out of its rectal and vaginal areas! So, the self-proclaimed farm kid that I am, I offered my assistance while B waited in the hall. After washing and shaving the area to remove the external maggots, they kept coming. As I stood across the table from Ryan, I held the speculum (which is the tool that holds specific orifices open) while the doc picked out maggots out that were crawling out the insides of this dog. And it was at this moment that Ryan knew I was perfect for him!

I must say that we both have fairly interesting stories and I should have emailed the morning show so he could read both.

My Story
Now that we were beyond formal introductions, maggot experiences and several meals later, Ryan and I continued to enjoy each other’s company. It had been fun getting to know each other and pursuing a relationship even though I had lots of insecurities brought on by a previous relationship. Ryan, though, was great at bringing up important issues and really getting to know each other outside of meals and fun outings. We took the time to communicate via phone, snail mail, etc about various issues that were important to each of us. And the story that follows is how I knew Ryan was the gentlest, understanding, loving and perfect mate for me:
I was at home reading at the kitchen table and remember being surprised that I had yet to hear from Ryan. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and there stood Ryan with a bag of groceries. He’d brought over all the items needed to cook a meal. Not only had he made the 30 minute drive to surprise me but he also planned a meal and purchased the items necessary to prepare it. I could almost stop here with the story – I greatly appreciate my husbands wonderful cooking talents. But, there’s more…
We proceed to make supper together. After a few minutes, I went into the living room to turn the radio on for some background noise (no, it wasn’t anything romantic). And as I walked back into the kitchen, I noticed a bright bouquet of roses. While I was in the living room, he grabbed them from outside where he left them when he knocked at the door. Wow, I was surprised. But keep reading, there’s still more…
We finish the meal and eat together at the table before relaxing to the living room. Ryan was sitting on the couch when I walked in the room to see him pulling a letter out of his pocket. He kindly mentioned that he’d like to discuss the questions I had in the letter I had written him earlier. I was flattered that he wanted to specifically address those questions. And then all of a sudden, it hit me. I was mortified as I watched him flip through the multiple pages of the letter. I could see through the last page to the, oh my gosh, I forgot to delete the last page. I had started what is commonly referred to now as “the list”. It was a list of positives and negatives about Ryan. And let me just say that the list of negatives had received more attention than the other column. I was picking him apart with “the list”. I had shared the list with a friend who let me know that I was being ridiculous and if I was looking for an excuse to not pursue a relationship than I could keep picking at him but if I was serious about him, she wanted me to know how ridiculous I was being.

It was at this moment that I knew that I knew that he was perfect for me. That God made him with enough understanding and love to deal with me, my insecurities and my many needs. I later mentioned to Ryan that I was surprised to get the roses after he got “the list”. And his response was that he’d already purchased the roses and had no one else to give them too. And by the way, the roses were perfect. Not your typical red roses. They were multi-colored and had a letter that compared the roses to his view of me. It was so thoughtful and awesome. Several years later, my husband is obviously not perfect but still perfect for me!

Cold and Cute

Brr, it's cold out this morning. I left the house and it was zero outside which wouldn't be too bad except the wind was blowing. With the windchill it was between 15 and 20 below. And crazy me, I had to stop and get gas. My hands were FREEZING!

Here's a picture of my cute kid. More to come later, I'm sure:

23 January 2007

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday started out not so fun at our house. We should have been up by 730am and at 8am when the phone rang, we were still in bed. Mom was way too chipper in her message about the big snow flakes falling and enjoying the day. That phone call was followed by 4 more - none of which left messages. I assumed it was mom and was annoyed. After finally rolling out of bed and calling mom back, I learned that it was M calling to say that church was cancelled because of snow covered roads, etc. The weather indicated the Highway was 100% covered and it was advised not to drive on the highway. So, we enjoyed a slow and mostly quiet morning at home.

Mid morning, hubby and I ventured outside while T (one of the junior high kids who stayed at our house the night before) watched small fry. The neighbor was out plowing our shared driveway so I started in on the sidewalk. Hubby took the truck out to see what the driveway/hill and roads were like. Hubby then headed to the vet clinic to play with the snow blower while I rushed for a quick shower.

We had an awesome lunch at mom's. Fresh blue-gill that my cousin caught ice fishing - mom breaded and fried it. Plus, mom made mashed potatoes, green beans and corn bread. It was awesome. Afterwards we played skip-bo while a few of the guys watched the Bears game and when the clock was still running but the game was OVER, we headed outside to sled.

I had a blast. It was a short hill that provided just enough fun without a huge walk back up. Small fry didn't know what to think about it. He went down with each of us before I sent him laying down on the disk by himself. He didn't think much of it until everyone cheared. Then hubby sent him down by himself sitting up. Of course, he ate it half way down and cried. Then he tried to wipe the snow out of his face and made it worse and cried more. It was cute and fun. He was ready to go home after that. He made a quick snow angel in his grammy's lawn before we wiped him off and jumped in the car.

It was a good and fun day. We also stopped by Sharon's "snowboard park" to watch the guys for a bit before going home to finish watching the end of the Colts game. It was a fun and relaxing day for us.

16 January 2007

Winter Is Here
Yes, it's the middle of January and winter finally made its way to our area. It has been cold the last few weeks but now it's truly cold, in my opinion. Sunday night it snowed about 6 inches of light fluffy stuff. And this morning when I left, it was -6 and we expected a high in the low teens. It's great until the wind blows and then its FREEZING!

Church Nursery Update
I didn't talk to the lady I had the issue with. It was a crazy Sunday at our church with lots going on. However, I was in the nursery for Sunday School waiting like a heathen who doesn't go to Sunday School but has to wait for other activities. One of the ladies brought problem-girl in. I offerred to keep her since I was planning on being there anyway. The lady stayed. I was glad. Problem-girl through a mini-fit every time my kid tried to play with her and she was trying to do something else.

Buddha Belly and Excercise
Have I mentioned that my belly is sticking out? I've been wearing loose fitted shirts to hide the fact. But Sunday I wore a fitted shirt and my mom really noticed my belly. Problem is that it's not the baby sticking out, just the extra padding over the baby. I have yet to gain any weight which was the same with baby #1. But, I have my appetite back and know the pounds are coming. With baby #1, I said I was going to exercise and gained 45 lbs while sitting on my butt. So, this time, I thought to put it to practice. I got on the treadmill for 40 minutes on Saturday. It was a good, fast walk. The next day the sides of my calves were sore. And my feet still are sore. My poor body, I haven't worked out for several months.

Read Through the Bible
In 2005, I started to read through the bible and did well for the first 6 months and miserably failed after that. I thought I might try again. And knowing that I'll be overwhelmed with baby #2, I'm trying to get a head start. So, while on the treadmill, I listened to the first 14 chapters of Genesis. Then later, I sat down and read in Matthew. I figure if I mix the Old and New Testament readings, I'll maybe be able to get more accomplished. Happy reading.

Big Fat Headache
I've had a big fat headache for days now. I hate taking medicine. And now that I'm pregnant, I have some excuse! I think part of it is lack of sleep and part of it is a need to visit the chiropractor! All I know is that I desperately need my kiddo to sleep through the night again and not wake every 1-2 hours scared (or whatever his deal is).

12 January 2007

Church Nursery

I think I just earned "worst nusery worker of the year award". It was sunday school time and I had one little girl left in nursery. She doesn't listen, doesn't behave and I don't enjoy keeping her. But, that's life and I deal with it. But, it couldn't be that simple:
Here we sit in nursery while girl's mother stands outside the nursery door chit-chatting. I didn't even notice, really. But then, I opened the door to air out the room after changing my own child's stinky diaper. And the door got shut. I opened it again to see girl's mother. Hmm. I was a bit irritated at this point for several reasons:
1. I'm watching bad girl while mom chit-chats.
2. I wanna chit-chat with my own friends standing right down the hall.
3. She asks me to give girl her milk cup and says she doesn't want girl to see her. SHE'S HIDING FROM HER OWN CHILD.
4. She closes the door to hide from her child when I'm trying to air out the room a little.

So, nice and wonderful person that I am... I take the milk cup but don't let it stop there. I totally interrupt and start asking the mom questions. I asked if she was going to sunday school. She asked if there were new classes. Hold on now, like she really cared about the classes she was chatting, I could hear the conversation. So, I kindly told her that if she was just going to chit-chat that I would let her take her own daughter so I could go home and get lunch. She offerred to take her daughter. I tried to be nice and keep the daughter IF she was going to sunday school.

As hubby says it, I kicked the kid out of sunday school! I felt bad but don't think it's my responsibility to watch someone's kid while they socialize. And maybe I think that because I make sure that someone goes to get my kid as soon as church is done so that others don't have to wait. Hubby disagrees. He thinks I should keep the kid while socializing happens. This girl and her mom are "newer" in church and I really hope that I didn't make them mad or scare them away with my evil selfishness. I hope to talk to her Sunday about it.


When your daycare is not available, who do you call on? I'd call grandparents. Unfortunately, the only grandparents nearby are also the daycare providers. Mom called yesterday at noon-ish to ask if I could find someone to keep Scott so they could go out of town. I figured it would be no problem. Yeah, well, it was. At 6pm, I had someone who'd keep him from lunch till I got off work. But I needed someone in the morning desperately because I had appointments at work. Fortunately, one of the girls from bible study offerred to add him to her list of kids to watch that morning (she was already watching her niece and nephew). So, I get all that settled around 9:45 when I return mom's phone call. She had called earlier to say that they weren't going out of town because of the weather and she could keep SCott.

Scott so needs more grandparents nearby on days like this!

Best Husband Ever

So last night I got home at 6pm, about 1.5 hours later than planned. Bible study was starting at our house at 6:30 and I still hadn't cleaned a thing. I'd spent the previous two nights snuggled up on the couch feeling crappy. I walk in the door after a busy and more-than-hectic afternoon at the office to find my house clean. Well, clean enough. Hubby had picked up the living room, put stuff away and did ALL the dishes that had piled up. I was so ecstatic that he had done so much that I no longer cared about the Christmas decorations that are still up. I quickly swept the floors and vacuumed, finishing just as our first guests arrived.

Unfortunately I didn't eat supper before hand. So, it was night #3 of feeling crappy. If I don't eat enough food often enough, I feel very faint and puky. Grr. But, who cares, my house was clean. When the night was over and I had dealt with a few other hectic issues, including a last minute babysitter, I toasted a bagel and headed to bed.

09 January 2007

excert from email

The following is an excerpt from an email that I sent to my good friend over at Obsessive Compulsive Bride:

You made my day today. A day when I've done nothing all day but work on maps for a guy's contract, I needed a little something fun to read. I know you updated yesterday but I just had to check today, just in case. And I died laughing. I read the title and laughed. Then the first few lines... And before scrolling down to the next paragraph, I thought "wait, do I wanna pray for someone humping her computer???" And then voila, right there in the next paragraph you asked if it negated any prayer. Cracked me up! That's why we're friends and that's what I miss so much about seeing you more often!!!!

Things here are well. I'm feeling good again for the most part. My stomach hurt last night but it was just gassy, I think. I couldn't help but eat supper at mom's last night: fried potatoes, boiled pinto beans and cornbread. So plain but so perfect. I think the beans did it :)

I'm so glad to be off next Monday. I have so much to do around the house. I haven't even put away Christmas d├ęcor yet. I must do that tonight since we have bible study at our house on Thursday. So next Monday while I should be deep cleaning, I plan to take small fry for his 18 month pictures and then hopefully head to Waterloo for some maternity clothes shopping.

My belly is starting to stick out just enough that fitted shirts are no longer appealing to me. But not enough that I dare take out the maternity clothes. It's drama. On the upside, Saturday was a good day. For the first time in a long time, I took a long shower and then took time to do my hair and a little make up. It's amazing how different my "naturally nasty" hair looks if I put some effort into it. However, it also made me realize that I look like poop every other day that I come to work with my crappy hair, no make up, etc.

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday JJ!

03 January 2007

Ah, I can almost breathe again

Okay, things have been a bit crazy around here lately. We had a whirlwind Christmas and New Year's Holiday Season. We did the B family Christmas down South, came home for the Christmas Cantata at church for hubby's part as the narrator, spent Christmas Eve with my mom and family. Christmas Day we had everyone to our house including both families. It went well until 5pm in which we skipped "seasons". We went straight from the holidays to "sick" season. Small fry was puking in the car that night which made for lots of fun, especially for me as I'm a nauseaus pregnant person anyway. That continued for a week. At the same time, the B's got sick, my dad, sister and her kids arrived in time to also get sick, neice spent a night in the hospital and there was lots of family time at the toilet for multiple issues.
New Year's was quiet for the most part. No big party with the sick folks! We did get together with some friends who all thought something was wrong. Nothing except being sick and tired of being sick and tired. My kid is totally out of his schedule and a pain in the butt about sleeping. I did manage to stay up to bring in the New Year without a nap! We also got our 2nd measurable snow of the year - not that it was much but at least we got snow.
The next day we had 12 hours of football on TV. Yeah, way too much for me but I entertained myself with little family members. My sisters kids are quite difficult and I would so discipline them differently!!!
Today was a back to work day after 5 days of being off. It sure made working difficult today. My in-laws are back today and gone tomorrow, I think. My dad, sister and family also leave tomorrow. So, we should be getting back to normal. Now, if only I can get my kid to go to bed without crying "mommy, mommy" for 45 minutes before I put him in bed with me to get him to sleep!

I've missed my world of posts and am eager to get back to normal and stop at the grocery store. Thanks to President Ford, I was able to stay home and watch his funeral on TV. It was quite the history lesson!