21 April 2009

Cute but Defiant

Last night was night #4 that Bethany slept in her big girl bed which is in Scott's room. It wasn't near as dramatic as a few other nights. At 10pm when I went in to check on them, the room was quiet but Scott wasn't in bed. I found him a few feet away wide awake and snuggled up to his sleeping sister. He was so excited to be sleeping with her. I acknowledged him and walked out. Those two! I appreciate that they love each other and hope it continues moreso than the fighting. This morning when I left at 5:45am, Scott was in his own bed. Who knows if he slept with Bethany all night or if he just snuggled her for a few minutes.


Amy said...

Too sweet! I remember when Kaitlyn and Kyle used to snuggle in bed, and now the boys snuggle together every once in awhile! Precious!

jerelyn said...

Very cute! What a great big brother Scott is!

Ashley said...