21 April 2009

Quilt Show

Did you know that I can quilt? Well sorta. I pieced and quilted a blanket for Bethany when she was born (and for the next 12 months). I entered the quilt, and all of its flaws, in the West Union Quilt Show that will happen this weekend. I should take a picture of it while its there, only I won't be there myself to see it... too much going on this weekend.


Wedehase Family Blog said...

Do you have pics of it to share with us? Those of us in Cali can't go to the West Union Quilt Show this weekend, ya know?! :)

Tamara B said...

No pictures on the computer, just in my mind. However, I did ask my mom to take a picture of it this weekend since I won't make it to the quilt show.

Ashley said...

How did the quilt show go?