29 April 2009

Who Needs Sleep Anyway

Why is it that when I am tired and need to hit the bed sheets early, it happens to be the night that one of our kids has a rough night. Last night was such a night with Bethany. It started off by Scott yelling for us and saying that "Bethany is stinky". Ryan changed her stinky diaper and put her back in bed. She wailed with a mad cry. I couldn't help and wasn't about to stick around too long since I was cold and tired. She ended up in bed with us and we both fell asleep. About 10pm Ryan tried to put her back in her bed. That apparently didn't work. For much of the night the three of us tossed and turned. No fun!
I was hoping to visit a lady in our church tonight. With Bethany's cold and the fact that I will be tired tonight, I'll be surprised if we get to visit with our friend.

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Ashley said...

Ugh, I am sorry that happened! What a rough night!