27 May 2005

I have a few new pictures worth sharing: Sarah's kids, Ryann throwing a fit, Kaleb’s fit, Kailee's surprise and a cute cartoon about a Living will.

yup, its been a while since I’ve updated all of you with my thoughts. Its been absolutely wild – in a good way – around here. I’ve been working quite a few hours and the last thing I want to do when I get off of work is sit in front of the computer some more!

Let’s start with the anniversary. No, I won’t share ALL the details. Because I’ve already sat for 9 hours at the office, the last thing I want to do is sit down which meant going out to dinner was out of the question for me. I went to work early so I could sneak out early and get home before Ryan. Got home and picked up a few things quick before starting supper. As I was preparing the almond crusted salmon and doing a few dishes from the deer steak supper the night before, Ryan came home. He was early too, that little sneak. I knew he had to help my parents move a piece of furniture right after work so I thought I knew what time he’d get home. My gift to Ryan was being home early AND having supper on the table for him. Well, that didn’t work out and Ryan ended up helping with supper while I finished the dishes. The dessert (leftover oreo stuff from the night before) that I planned for supper was gone. Ryan had taken the remainder to work and shared and I wasn’t home when he got ready to stop that. So, we didn’t have an extravagant meal but it was nice. We had some broccoli smothered in cheese with our salmon since Ryan only likes veggies as a vector for cheese. The chilled strawberry wine in the fridge never made it out of the fridge since we were full. After supper we watched our wedding and CA reception videos which was quite fun. Instead of browsing through wedding photos and laying in the hammock, we caught the season ending episode of Navy NCIS (it’s a good one) and then played Tetris together on the xbox. Not exactly what I had planned but Ryan didn’t care and what mattered most is that we spent time together!

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Jennifer said...

Nothing like a good game of tetris! It's always a great way to spend time together!