27 September 2005

New post idea for those who want to participate (Cori, Jen, ADX girls). How 'bout sharing a fun picture or two from college. Here's mine:

Big teeth. It was a fun shot taken when I was supposed to be in a conference in KY. I thought it was a great picture especially after getting married and having a father-in-law who is a dentist.

Cori and I were hard at work this day. We were recruiting at a job fair at our own university for summer interns. We had these stupid glasses to give away (like college students want that) and thought it was a fun photo op. We even got our associate dean to join in on the fun and take a picture wearing the stylish glasses with us.

My first kiss. Okay maybe not. Here, I snuck into the petting zoo super early one morning after taking care of my dairy cows to play with the animals. This llama was super curious and wanted to play too.

the last one for now. Here I was at the national ag ambassadors conference. The lead of the Cal Poly team (our rivals) was a buddy of mine from high school. So he pretended to propose to me at the banquet night. Everyone was watching and we both played it off. We had several people taking pictures for us so we could remember the moment. What fun!


CORI said...

Dammit. Where's my scanner when I need it!!!

Ashley said...

Is that Jeff Olson?

Kristin said...

THAT is hilarious!!!!!