15 January 2008

A Four-Eyed Failure

I haven't heard the term four-eyes in a long time so I thought I'd use it. Maybe, just maybe, glasses have become a cool thing, or a sophisticated thing.

i despise going to the optometrist

In my life, I have been a success at everything that I've put lots of effort into (except a job application one time). Going to the optometrist frustrates and stresses me out. I know what those little charts are for but I can't stand having to read them for two reasons: 1) after reading through the line one time, I basically have it memorized (cause I'm a nerd like that) which does me no good because I can cheat my way through the remainder of the exam without even trying and 2) because I feel like a total failure when I can't quite read the line. If in context of a word, I can make it out but when its random letters, I can't really tell if its a "C" or "O", etc. Albeit humbling, which is a necessary thing in my life, I don't like it one bit. And add to it that they ask me to read crap after they've been jacking with my eyes for 20 minutes. Who in the world can read after that?

All that to say that I couldn't get the contacts in. I was able to get the left contact in but not the right. It was frustrating to me. They require that you take them in and out 3 times before you can take them home. I had to reschedule another time to irritate the snot out of my eyes. Dangit. The tech said that my contacts are larger and round because of the stigmatism (as compared to someone who is near or far sighted) so that makes them more difficult to put in. And I have wonderful reflexes which make it even more difficult. I have to practice this week holding my eye open and touching it. However, I can do that, its getting the contact to stay on my eye before I close my upper lid. Friday could be interesting. I'll have one hour before closing to get it accomplished, which is probably a good thing as my eyes are super irritated now.

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Ashley said...

Is this your first try with contacts?