24 January 2008

Every Hour

I so desperately want to be the creative, thoughtful and appreciative wife. And yesterday I had the perfect way of doing so. Ryan has an important appointment today and I want to make a point to pray for him every hour throughout the day and then the entire time of his appointment. But, what I thought would be fun was to make him little note cards, one for each hour to let him know what I would specifically be praying about. Yeah, I was going to stay up late and get that done. That didn't happen. Got home last night as youth kids were arriving. When that was over, I started laundry to wash Ryan's new shirt. Fed Bethany. Put away milk. Did dishes... it was 9pm, I stopped to eat supper. Pressed Ryan's shirt. Went to bed. I so wasn't motivated to do anything last night. Sorry honey, I still plan to pray for you though!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

What a nice wife - and you still prayed which is of course the most important part.