29 January 2008

Funny Kid

A couple of funny things about Scott:
  1. He loves soup. He'll spoon out all the juice first before he'll eat the rest. Doesn't matter what kind of soup it is. Sometimes, he even drinks the broth like you would the milk out of your cereal bowl. Only difference is that he's not eaten the food yet.
  2. He loves to bake cookies. This was my sneaky attempt to get him on the potty. We baked chocolate chip cookies and then he couldn't have one until he pottied. Yup, it didn't work. I ate his share of the cookies instead. Last night I baked a few more. Gave one to Ryan, ate one and even let him have a bite. He really wanted a cookie. But when it came to going potty, he didn't want a cookie anymore.
  3. He likes to tell you he wants to go potty. Get him in the bathroom and he changes his mind.
  4. This kid is funny. When he poops, he doesn't want you in the room with him. I guess he likes to poop in private. However, since he's still in diapers, this means that he doesn't want us in the kitchen, living room or wherever he's standing. I have recently asked him to go in the bathroom when he poops. And he does it. But won't sit on the toilet!
  5. He has to having "dippin' sauce". I don't think he cares what it is as long as he can dip into it. Scott doesn't want to eat something, ah, just squirt some ranch dressing or ketchup on his plate and he'll eat it.

He's not all fun and games. Last night he was up twice. Yes, twice. The second time he came in and told me he had poop. So, at 4am, I woke Ryan to change him. Thankfully, he didn't have poop. I think it was just his attempt at not getting scolded for being out of bed. He has been so tired lately but fights bed time so hard. Give up kid.


Amy said...

He's getting so big! I love when they really start showing their own personality, it's so much fun!

Amy said...
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Ashley said...

The dipping sauce thing is just like Sullivan!!

Kristin said...

From poop to dippin sauce -- love it...LOL....by the way, I must admit, I too like to poop in private.....I hear that changes when you get married?