15 January 2008

I will give you rest

God, I'm counting on your promise to give me rest. Its been a wild and hectic last few days!

Saturday I made a quick trip over the river and through the woods and even past fantastagirl's house to the city. I had to return a few items and buy Scott some new jeans as his were getting snug around the center (if the kid would only potty train it wouldn't be an issue). The trip was a quick one compared to normal but still a long one as I took both kids down there. I ended up buying several baby gifts and lots of clothes at OldN*vy since they had a good sale going on. Anyway, got home and helped Ryan finish up the 2 weeks worth of meals that he was cooking. He finished up after 10 and then I made 3 chicken lasagnas and finished up at 1130pm. I was TIRED by time I climbed in bed.

Sunday was another whirlwind day. I was 10 minutes late to church to start with. And I'd even gotten up early however, I changed Bethany 4 different times AFTER Ryan had already gotten her ready for church. She must have had a yucky tummy. Following church was the potluck lunch, then the annual business meeting. My butt was so sore after sitting for 5 hours and have I mentioned that I have a problematic tailbone so sitting is very uncomfortable. I left there in time to run one of the lasagnas to a friend who just had eye surgery. I visited for an hour before having to leave for my next committment. I stopped by moms to feed Bethany and take the kids over to Sarah's where we talked about our Junior High youth group plans (lotsa change happening there... we have them reading Technical Virgin, How far is too far), making chinese food for supper, scarfing two plate fulls of that and hurrying off to my financial class. I dropped Scott off at mom's after the class, went home and wasted no time putting Bethany to bed and crawling under the covers myself.

All this plus the added stress of a wild few days at work. Some of it very frustrating but most of it just being plain swamped. I so need a vacation! God, I want that rest... maybe I need to go read about that and see specifically what your Word says about it.

ps: I get my contacts today. After actually wearing glasses all the time now, I don't like them getting dirty, fogged up, etc. I've had a cold for a few days and the dry itchy eyes but that seems better today. HOwever, I've been dizzy all morning so I hope this contact thing works today. I did NOT like them putting the contacts in last week. The nurse lady told me I had very good reflexes!


CORI said...

I got contacts when I was 15 and they took me a VERY long time to get used to. But here I am now 12 years later and putting them in each morning is no problem.

You need a vacation!

Amy said...

Me too. I started wearing contacts about 15 years ago, the first couple of days are the hardest. Now I wouldn't trade them for my glasses for anything!

Hope it all works out for you. Find your peace and rest in Lord as you push through these busy times.

Fantastagirl said...

I have to stick with my glasses - I can't put them in - seriously can not do it.

Did you at least wave as you drove by? Or laugh at the fact that the Christmas lights are still up - just too cold to climb up and take them down.

Ashley said...

How do you like that book - Technical Virgin? How do the kids like it?