16 January 2008

Dentist Drama

My father in law is my new dentist, again. Yipee. I waited to make an appointment until I knew for sure that he would be able to clean my teeth. Well, today I called for the appointment and the receptionist sweetly told me that mark would check my teeth and then the hygenist would do the cleaning. I gulped.

At lunch time, I called mark on his cell phone and explained the situation. he promptly went to the front desk and fixed it. He will be cleaning my teeth at 1pm on Friday. I hope the receptionist doesn't think I'm a brat. Well, I am, but not in this situation.


Meritt said...

Did I miss something? LOL. Since dentists are never, ever the ones to actually 'clean' the teeth - there must be a reason you don't want anyone else to do it? I must have missed that story at some point???

Ashley said...

Nah, you get to have the special treatment - you are his daughter in law for heaven's sake!