22 January 2008


If only I could read her mind. A picture is worth a thousand words. I could only imagine what she was thinking as her big brother held onto her by her ears.
She's growing like a weed. She throws a fit every time we eat. She thinks she has to eat too. The other night, every time I'd lift up my mug of hot chocolate to take a drink, she'd catch a glimpse and start fussing. She WANTED that mug. She's not tasted hot chocolate but she seemed to think that she needed it since I was putting it to my mouth.
In other news, she's absolutely adorable. Even when its way past her (and my) bedtime. She was laughing at everything we said and did last night. She was so giggly. It was fun. That is, until she realized she was in bed by herself, no more music, no more lights. Then she cried. And this morning, a bright and beautiful little baby who pooped some nastiness!


Meritt said...

That picture is awesome! A keeper just asking to be framed. LOL.

Amy said...

Your kids are so cute!

Fantastagirl said...

He's just trying to help keep her face in the photo... so very cute!

Jody said...

I think she is saying "get your hands off my ears!"

Too cute.

Ashley said...

LOL - love the pic!