06 July 2005

Its been a few days I know but we've been busy. Nope, no baby. Thanks Cori for finally posting that comment. We wish there was a baby too but he seems to be in no hurry. I am having braxton hix - those fake contractions. Their nasty but I'm alive still. I have another checkup on Thursday and see how things have hopefully progressed.

Okay, mom is making me pancakes for breakfast (she's awesome like that) and they're ready. More from me later.


jerelyn said...

No wonder Baby B doesn't want to come out...you keep giving him all sorts of good food! hehe.

Anyway, I thought that maybe all of the silence was because you guys were at the hospital! Will keep waiting and praying...hang in there, kiddo!!

Mandy said...

Hey, Baby B, come out on Saturaday. It's a good day to be born. Try for a decent hour so your mommy does not get too tired.

Tammy, ur in our prayers!

Carrie said...

Do you think this is an indication of his strong will? :)

Kristin said...

On that note Mandy, maybe Baby B will want to wait until next March :) Of course, I don't think mommy would appreciate that very much!!! Can't wait to meet you Baby Boy Buitenwerf!!!

Kristine Belcher said...

He will be here very soon! I have been wanting to call but was afraid that you would be with your little one. I'll try calling later this afternoon to catch up with you!
Hang in there, before you know it there will be a little baby in your arms!