21 September 2007

Extreme Week

This week has been a bit extreme for me. It started Sunday after church. And each morning I've been up early to spend time focusing on simplicity and fasting; although I've not fasted from food because I'm breastfeeding. I've learned a few things this week:
- A lot of things get in the way of me spending time reading my bible at home, none of which really seem like extra things to me.
- I do spend a decent amount of time reading other blogs but that is done during my break or lunch so I could cut that out.
- I don't do a great job of taking God and making Him a part of the little things throughout my day (does that make sense?).
- I do love to serve others

It's been a good week of learning for me and I wish I would have spent more time focusing on the activities for it.


Kristine said...

Good points. I'm with you 100% on all of them. Let's go deeper!

Ashley said...

Ugh, boy do I need to get back on track with God! I have been pretty lame these past few weeks. SO, I hear ya!