07 September 2007

Payment for Mocha

So my husband got a call back from the breeder. I was a bit nervous to hear the details of the call. I grit my teeth as I listened to Ryan share what he talked to the breeder about. As we assumed, the breeder was sad to hear of the death of our puppy. She was eager to get a puppy since Mocha’s mom (her breeding female) died two weeks ago. I’m sure there was still some raw emotion about Belle when she heard about Mocha. Ryan mentioned paying her for Mocha in his message and when it was brought up on the phone call, the breeder said we didn’t need to pay her anything. Praise God! How awesome is that?!?! But then my husband told her that we’d pay $400 or $500 (I can’t remember the price) for her because he only thought it was fair. WHAT??? Okay, wait a second here, the reason I made a deal with the breeder to give her a pup is because we don’t have the money to pay! And even if I paid cash, I’m pretty sure that she would’ve given me a sweet deal because the puppy needed to go and because she likes her vet. So, I said to Ryan, “honey, why did you offer to pay her cash we don’t have after she said you didn’t owe her anything? She said that because she likes you.” His reply was “And I want her to continue liking me”. Yes, my husband is amazing – he’s fair and square, but this was a moment when I wish he would have thanked her for her generosity, given condolences on Belle and hung up the phone. But no, we’ll be paying for Mocha. Whew! Fortunately she said we can make payments (like she cares how/when we pay her if she didn’t even want us to pay her) but still. I’d rather have my puppy back!


me said...

Oh, I so know how you feel. My hubby would have done the same thing.

p.s. For some reason, the past few weeks when I go to your page it hasn't been updating. So for the longest time I thought you just hadn't blogged. Finally hit refresh and there all your posts were! Sorry!

aka_Meritt said...

I'm with 'me' - I hadn't seen any new posts either - not since "Bethany Slept"!!! Surprised to see many here and wow - you've got a lot on your plate!

Sorry about Mocha - and sorry to hear hubby offered to pay, LOL. Good reasoning I guess, but funny when he just told you about having to cut back and be frugal a couple posts down. *wink*

Ashley said...

poor mocha.

and poor you for having to deal with her death and paying for her unexpectedly!