11 September 2007


I'm feeling homesick today. I know, I know, this is home now but home is also where I grew up, made friends, got in trouble, went to school, etc. And today, I'm missing that place. I can think of several things that might justify that homesick feeling:
1. My Grandma and Aunt are here and we've reminisced on events and people.
2. I miss my family
3. I missed my aunts funeral last week
4. I remember exactly where I was, what I was doing and the events that followed in my own life after 9/11. Selfishly, they affected me too.
5. I just read Amy's blog about church music and it made me miss the church that raised me when I was needy and needed a second and possibly third set of parents.

I would love to head back to CA for a week and see friends and family; eat a bowl of Chowder in Pismo, smell the fresh fruit on the trees, stare at the monstrous trees in the forest and sip a coffee with Nicole and Paul. Oh, how I'd love to do those things again. But, I'm married to a wondeful man and we share two amazing children. And instead of waiting in line at an airport to sit on a crowded flight and wait for lost luggage, I'll be driving to Dtown with my family to join up with my parents, gma and aunt for a lovely mexican meal. I am so truly blessed!


CORI said...

You were living with ME when 9/11 happened. Our lovely little apartment that had horrible furnishings and the world's worst dining room table.

My how are lives have changed in 6 short years.

Amy said...

We miss you too Tammy!

Kristin said...

Or, insead of going to CA you can come visit VA :)

Ashley said...

I know what that is like...totally!