10 September 2007

Curtains for Puppet Stage

I finally started the curtains on Saturday. Only I didn't have enough fabric. A bit frustrated with the lady at Walmart since I got a yard extra from what she told me I'd need. Anyway, I made a quick trip back to walmart (its a 45 minute drive) to try to find the same discounted fabric. No such luck. I bought all new fabric, bought plenty of it headed home. Yesterday I got quite a bit accomplished although it was much more work than I'd planned when I volunteered. I spent time yesterday priming PVC and glueing velcro to it all the while mosquitos were trying to feast on me. The bottom half is done and looks great. The top half has the velcro sewed on and needs the sides and bottom hemmed. Between breastfeeding breaks, my own snack breaks and other issues, I think I did well. I plan to get it finished tonight.

It's been a frustrating and expensive but fun project... I so need to spend time at home folding laundry, mopping, and finish painting Bethany's dresser so she can sleep back in her crib. She's quickly growing out of her bassinet. The kid is 10.5 weeks old and is fitting perfectly into 3-6 month clothes. She's a big girl and although she's not fat, she's putting some meat on those solid bones! On Thursday she has her 2 month check up and shots. Scott has his 2 year well baby and chicken pox vaccination since he missed those at 18 months when I was pregnant and didn't show for immunity to chicken pox (even though I've had them).

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Ashley said...

you are so crafty!! take a pic!