25 September 2007

Kitty = Crying Girl

A while back my mom came home from a quilt store in a nearby town. The store is located on the farm and there were farm kitties running around. Mom really wants a kitty and asked about them. The lady said her college aged daugther had brought home seven of them (there were 18 to choose from). Mom asked the lady if she'd give one away. They said no. So, yesterday as I'm driving home from the airport, I make my husband stop. It was just a mile off the main road and I ventured on into the store. I explained who my mom was, that she wanted a kitty, etc. The owner had her ~8 year old daughter go look for the kitty I described, now named "gandolf". The daughter came back and the mom asked if she wanted to give it away. The girl said no and began to cry. I felt horrible, although I did selfishly want her to hand over the kitty. I told the young girl that it was okay, that I was just going to give it a good home if she was wanting to get rid of it. Poor kid. She has 13 kitties, why not give away just one?
So, we get home and I tell my mom the story. Good thing she didn't hand over the kitty, it would have been the wrong one. Mom wanted the one that looked like a cross between a gray tiger-stripe and a calico. I only remembered her talking about the gray tiger-strip and would've brought home "gandolf" which would have been the wrong one. Whew!


Amy said...

Oh I want a kitten SO BADLY! But my hubby says no! Poo!

Ashley said...

Could you imagine?? It would have made for a good story though every time she showed people her new kitty!