28 September 2007

Excerpt from Email

I just emailed my buddy, Cori, a few minutes ago. ANd because I don't have the time to blog, I'm posting an excerpt of the email I sent to her:

Bethany turned 3 months old yesterday. I was too busy to take any pictures of her but hopefully this weekend we can do that. She's making lots of noise and smiling lots. Its a blast. Now last night when she wanted to scream during bible study, that wasn't so much fun. Ryan took her for a few minutes and then gave her back saying she was "broke". I had her quiet until it was over and the snacks were on the counter. Then I pawned her off on Ben who snuggled her up to him and went right to sleep. He was so cute with her.

Had a random dream last night. You and Ben were both in it. Kinda odd. Woke up at 7am, an hour late. The sleep was necessary but I'm feeling like I really need a shower right about now. I only had time to pump, change clothes and get the kids out the door. I didn't even feed Bethany or change her. She went from her crib to her carseat and never really woke up. Poor baby!

Fall is well on its way here. The tree colors are starting to change into the brilliant colors. The air is crisp in the morning and I even wore a sweater. I love it like this. It's hot chocolate and cider weather.

We have new neighbors. Yes, they bought the 40 acres against the highway as you come down our lane. That's all fine and dandy. They brought over their 2 horses yesterday. I'm excited to see horses again as I walk out my front door. And even more excited that I won't have to chore for them. The lady plans on building a small ranch house on the property, real close to us. Not sure why you'd buy in the country to have neighbors so close. I'm praying that she'll be a blessing to us and we'll be a blessing to her.


Fantastagirl said...

Life has you busy - hard to believe Bethany is 3 mos seems like you just brought her home.

I hope the new neighbors will be a blessing, perhaps the new house won't be so close to you.

Ashley said...

I love the fall too! Hope those new neighbors are great!