30 March 2009

New Job???

Last night Ryan talked to his buddy Mike who happens to be referred to as Captain Hansen even though in the civilian work environment he would be called Dr. Hansen. Mike is a veterinarian with the US Army and during their phone conversation Mike offerred Ryan a job. The pay would be 1.5 times his current pay, the schedule would be 40 hours per week with no on-call times. It would be a contracted position through the military (I think) and would have full federal government benefits (which are pretty nice I must say). That would potentially allow me to stay home and homeschool our kids. Sounds pretty nice doesn't it?

I asked Ryan if he was at all interested and he said no. The position is located in North Dakota. I don't like the 6 month long winters here, I doubt it would be warmer in ND. We also like living near family and like the community to live in.

I told my coworker about it and she suggested we hi-tail it outta here and send her a postcard. Poor thing, she's having a rough Monday. Although I'd love for Ryan to be better appreciated for the work he does, I doubt he'll move to ND to get that appreciation.


Bonnie said...

The grass often looks greener on the other side of the fence. In this case, the snow is just as cold and deep in ND, not to mention the Red River flooding right now!

There are always unintended consequences to every decision we make. Looking at compensation and work hours makes this offer attractive, but the long winters, lack of grandparent involvement in your lives, and whatever else you may think of, often tips the scale to the side of just being grateful for what we have here and now!

PS: I replied to your comment on my blog - you were seeing a mirage, my dear, an image from your past - Scotty's Place was not standing when you were here last fall.

Ashley said...

Too bad it is in ND. That job would be awesome!!