27 March 2009

Simply the Best

Last night I came home and hubby was preparing a nice supper which was especially for me. I could tell because it included veggies which he would never make for himself. The added touch was when supper was over and I was crampy, bloated, and sore from working out, I headed up stairs to put the kids to bed and Ryan did the dishes! Woo hoo. I love that man!

on a random note, I was a bit dissapointed with my laundry detergent. It isn't a liquid detergent like I thought. Hello, I would have known that if I would have paid closer attention.

on another random note, I found a deer antler shed while out in the field today. First one ever. The best part about it was that my coworker that loves deer hunting was bummed that I found it and she didn't. Everyone in the office thought it was great. It's a dear antler people... what do you do with such things? Maybe it'll make a little coat rack here at the office if I can get it mounted on a piece of wood. Hmm, another project on the list of things to do.

Happy Friday friends.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

What a great husband - and what a great find!