31 March 2009

Email to Meg

I just shared the following in an email update to a friend but thought it was blog worthy since I've not taken the time to update lately:

that's hilarious... I love the bribery. I think you pretty well know what's going on in our lives but here's a quick update: We're working out 5 days a week collectively although I wish I could force/encourage myself to get on the treadmill the 3 days that Ryan works out. We're going to bed earlier because we're getting up earlier. We're trying to cram a days worth of fun, training, and snuggle time into a few short hours at night and loving each moment with our kids. We even tried splitting up the bunk beds in Scott's room last night and putting Bethany in a big girl bed. For some crazy reason, I thought this was a fun idea at 740pm, the time that my kids needed to be in bed because they were lacking naps yesterday. To no surprise, it didn't go smoothly and after laying with Bethany for 45 minutes and her keeping me awake, I crawled into my own bed. Half an hour later, Bethany was crying and Scott was in our room informing us that "she's too noisy and can sleep in her own crib." It was delightful actually to have him request that as he had previously been upset when we tried to take her to her crib. All this at 10pm when I want to be asleep was funny but not really funny!

otherwise, for me personally its really been a rewarding but tough few weeks. I've been trying to daily have quiet time. I'd been doing well with prayer time and not just asking God for and to do things. But, I wasn't learning about Him, His character, His love for His people. So, I've been trying to do a daily quiet time. The last few days I've sucked at it but overall its been going better. Its amazing to think that 7, 8, even 10 years ago I was so much more focused on loving and knowing God... of course that was before a career, marriage and two little kids. I'm trying to find the middle ground on that... on being successful in putting God first, not just wanting to do that.

On more of the family front, we're continuing to pursue adoption and while we're saving money, I start asking myself all these questions. I'm determined to be aware and knowledgeable but to not let the devil discourage as it seems can happen here and there. We know that ultimately we want to obey God's calling on our hearts to love and care for one of His own who doesn't otherwise have a family to do that. I'm excited to see how God will work that out but not excited to endure the struggles that may come. I know growth comes out of that but sometimes I just want it so easy, ya know.

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Ashley said...

Yes, I want so many things to be easy too! I hear you. Hope you ahve some much needed down time this weekend!