16 March 2009

Out of the House

Woohoo, it's finally getting warm here! I've so desperately wanted time out of the house. I imagined a stroll through a local park walking hand in hand with Ryan while chasing our little bambinos around. The weekend wasn't quite like that but we still had fun.

Friday I made plans with our friends, the Zurbriggen's, which was a surprise to Ryan. But there was so much else going on, that I finally told him of the weekend plans.

Friday night we drove up to Ryan's folks. We ate at a fun little place in Decorah, had decent table service, and then headed to Ryan's parents where we stayed the night. Eunice spoiled us with Buttermilk waffles after sleeping in till 8am. The kids colored birthday cards for Ryan and Ryan opened his gift from his parents. Then we went outside to play with the old '31 Chrysler. After taking it off the trailer, Ryan and I went for a little spin. After a quick trip to Walmart, we headed back to Ryan's folks' for lunch where they served Shrimp scampi to the birthday boy [his birthday really isn't until this Thursday].

A little after 2pm, we left Decorah and headed to Parkersburg to hang out with our friends. We got there around 5pm and had supper with them before we sent the boys off to the Blackhawks hockey game. My gift to Ryan for his birthday was to buy us tickets to the game and then give my ticket to his friend, Ryan, for a guys night out. We were kid free but I stayed with our friends and their kiddos which was fun. It was funny that Ryan asked how our night went and although I loved my time with Renessa, we spent the first 3 hours of our time cleaning up after supper, bathing kids, etc. She and I really only had about 30 minutes before the guys came home.

Sunday morning we went to church where our friend Ryan is the Pastor. Only he wasn't preaching on Sunday. It was a blessing to hear two families talk about their move to the mission field and then share a message about being where God wants you to be. This was the same set of families that were at our church just a few weeks ago. After church we headed to Waterloo for lunch, St*rbucks [don't get the caramel frapp and substitute the coffee for cream like I did], and a tiny bit of shopping before we headed home.

Ryan's folks took the kids to mom's house after church/lunch where we then picked them up. We were home for just a few minutes when I realized how much work I had to do in the house but how much I wanted to be outside. We spent the next few hours outside with the kids before we headed in the house for bath time and supper.

It wasn't exactly a walk in the park but it was fun to hang out with friends, get a break from the kids, and spend time outside.

Now, tonight I have to get the house clean... but first I have a meeting to run to!

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Ashley said...

Glad you got time with friends without the kiddos!!!