20 March 2009


A couple of changes occuring around our home:
  1. My laundry detergent is about to run dry. This weekend I will be making my home-made detergent that I mentioned back in February. We'll see how this goes.
  2. I stopped in to make an appointment for a haircut (and trim for Miss Bethany). I haven't cut my hair since right after Bethany was born and its finally starting to get dry on the ends. After next Tuesday I will either have long hair with a little trim if its really dry at the ends, or have a donation sent to make a wig and have short hair. I'm kinda liking my long hair, especially when I let it go curly. But someone could really use a wig and I could really use shorter washing/rinsing/drying time spent.
  3. Speaking of hair, I know a few people following the trend of not using chemicals (aka shampoo, gel, etc) on their hair. I'm wondering how that might work for my hair. They say your hair gets used to it and looks normal after a while. I would love to hear from you if you've ever tried this.


Rebecca Parker said...

Hey Tammy, I found you from your comments on my cute Brazilian shoes! I use organic shampoo without sulfates on my scalp (because if I don't, it itches terribly) and then only use conditioner on the length. I don't use hairspray or gel anymore because it just becomes a gooey mess here in humid Brazil. But there are a lot of women on the Long Hair Loom who use natural soaps and things on their hair. Check it out! I hope you are able to adopt a child.
Rebecca Parker

Ashley said...

Well, what would you use if you didn't use shampoo? Soap? but wouldn't that be a chemical too?

Rebecca Parker said...

No, because most non-organic shampoos are made out of chemicals. Organic shampoos and natural soaps are made from natural products, not in a laboratory.