21 December 2010

gift giving

It was Sunday afternoon and the house was quiet.  Ryan was busy wrapping gifts when the children started to stir.  The kids came down stairs at the tail end of gift wrapping.  It was actually good timing since the stuff was out and Scott wrapped the gift he bought and already showed his daddy.
This is the first time Bethany has really noticed gift wrapping.  And we're making a regular effort for them to know it's about Christ's birth, about giving to those in need, and not about our selfish wish list (yes, I have one too).  On Thursday night our bible study group had gathered to wrap the gifts for the families we adopted.  Two of the girls are a year older than Bethany so she certainly had interest in their gifts.  She and the other kids were great "help" wrapping (and crumpling paper).  When Bethany cried because she didn't have a gift there we were able to explain to her that the gifts were for children whose mommies and daddies couldn't buy them gifts.  Who knows if she got it, right?
Back to Sunday.  After Scott was done wrappring his gift with help from his grandma, Bethany had to wrap a gift too.  She chose a piece from her "my little pet shop" set.  When asked who it was for, she simply told us it was for a girl whose mommy and daddy couldn't buy a gift for her.  She got it!!!  Hearing that melted my heart.  I was in the kitchen working when she decided to wrap another of her "pet shop" toys.  This time by herself.  Oh dear.  As she worked on her gift, I heard her talking to herself.  She said "do you think I'll miss my my littlest pet shop toy?  Oh yes, I'll miss you my littlest pet shop toy! Momma's heart melted again.  Meanwhile, realistic big brother came in and tried to burst her bubble by telling her that it wasn't for anyone.  Geesh brother!  Can't you let a kid imagine?  And who knows, maybe she truly does plan to give it away!

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Oh...this is so sweet!