13 December 2010

still on a break

I really, really want to be blogging lately.  Lots of fun stories from the kids and life in general.  Some great pictures lately of sledding.  But, I'm also still behind on my bible reading so I'm not spending time blogging. 
Real quick though, just to share few fun things:
  • Hubby is amazing.  He had a friend of ours update my laptop for me and when he got it back, he opened up a bunch of blogs I like to read before bringing it home to me. 
  • Hubby couldn't get his snowblower started this weekend after the blizzard so this morning his "workout" was shoveling the driveway so I could get out.  Yes, he's good like that.
  • Scott frosted and frosted cookies with his daddy yesterday.  Bethany and Judah both had limited frosting experience cause they couldn't keep their frosting knife out of their mouths!
  • I've been looking at australian shepherd pups for the kids' and Ryan Christmas present.  I'm eager to have a puppy but not eager to have an animal in the house again.
  • Heavy, wet snow at 32 degrees makes sledding fun.  I'm not sure who had more fun - the kids or us mom's.
Okay, more reading for me to do but first I need to get to the office.

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Jennifer said...

Oh, a puppy for Christmas...I bet that breed is sooo adorable as a puppy too! I love having a dog in the house with the kids...she is soooo good with our kids too. I only hate the shedding so much...she's truly lucky she's loved by us all...the shedding could have been a deal breaker ;-)