18 December 2010

Cookie Frosting

Last weekend we were stuck at home because of a snow storm. This amazing man thought it would be a great idea to frost cookies with the kids.

It was a great idea. And as the wife and mom, it was great to see the kids doing something fun and creative with their daddy. He's great in and out of the kitchen! Right away Judah got removed from frosting fun because he licked the spreading knife. Silly kid. Another child was a little better at sneaking frosting into her mouth:

while our oldest child was the smartest. He'd occasionally get some on his fingers and ask permission to eat it. I love when he uses his manners. He's a doll!

Speaking of that little boy you see above, he finally got his glasses today. I saw him for just a brief second with them on. He was practicing for the Christmas play and I snuck in to get a peak on my way to the office. Imagine how cool his frosted cookies would have looked if he would have had glasses last weekend!

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