03 December 2007

My Life This Week

- I moved back in with my parents. Okay, not quite like that. But I did stay the last two nights there as I'm not able to traverse my own driveway. Ryan has 4wd and was able to go home, heat up the house and get me some clothes.
- Having one 4wd vehicle that fits 3 people sucks! We are a 4 person family and with our driveway, we need another 4wd. Although my husband would disagree, if I can't get down my driveway, something is wrong with that picture.
- Scott doesn't like the "pokey" Christmas tree and would only help his grammy decorate it after I put his gloves on him. What a goober!
- This was my weekend to clean and get ready for bible study at my house on Thursday. Yeah, I didn't get squat done since I left the house Saturday morning and haven't been back.
- Busy week ahead (as if we ever have a slow week). I have to work lots but also have to pick my kids up on time this week and will have a crappy drive to work this morning and will get started late. Not sure how I'm gonna make anyone, let alone everyone happy this week.
- My inlaws didn't make it here yet


Fantastagirl said...

I live in town, and I had to use 4wd to get to work... all city streets. What does that say to you? To me that says that we should have stayed home.

me said...

Saturday was NOT a fun day to live in Iowa!

Amy said...

We were in San Diego yesterday where the high was 75. It was just wrong. Sorry you had a rough weekend, hope your week goes smoothly.

CORI said...

Today the high in San Diego is supposed to be 85! We have it rough.

I vote that you buy another 4wd vehicle. You need it!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! Yeah, you totally need another 4WD. And LOL about the pokey Christmas tree story!