27 November 2007

What a View

While I was busy staring at this:

I almost missed this:
Fortunately, as I was preparing to leave the office I looked out my office window and caught it just in time. Just 5 minutes later when I did leave, there's only a slight hint of color left.


Fantastagirl said...

It was beautiful... Tink loved how pink it was - tonight when we were walking out of the daycare center she said - Look Momma, God made it Pink for me!

me said...

Was this last night? Cuz I went on a walk and it was just gorgeous here too! I wished I had brought my camera on my walk with me.

Meritt said...

I see your camera says 11/27. It was fabulous last night as well!!!! The entire sky was purple and pink and it was huge.

I only saw about 5 seconds of it though as I was in the kitchen making dinner. Sigh.

jerelyn said...

beautiful! :-)

Ashley said...

Soooo pretty!