15 November 2007

Sassy Senorita

It was a typical shopping trip to the city with the usual stop at the kids clothing store that I prefer. We found the cutest shirt ever. Since this shopping trip occurred last March-ish, we didn't know yet that we'd be having a girl. The shirt was so cute, I just could pass it up. Tuesday, Bethany wore the shirt and it was adorable on her:

Make note that her shirt reads "Sassy Senorita". The reason I find this so cute is that my children are 1/4 mexican and therefore the "senorita" is fitting. I wonder what she would be referred to in the Dutch language. Anyway, my little girl is absolutely precious and we love her dearly... even when she screams for the 5 minutes it takes for me to pump before I can feed her! Last night she wore black tights, a jean skirt and a black shirt that said "milk addict". It was cute but I didn't get a picture. She is adorable. For those of you who've not met her or been around her for a while, I think you're going to fall in love with our smiling, grinning little girl who's just starting to say "dada".


Amy said...

I love her big bright eyes!

Fantastagirl said...

She is growing up - and I bet she looked very cute in her milk shirt too!

Love her eyes.

Ashley said...

soooo cute!