23 November 2007

Allergic Reaction

Okay, so for a while now, I have this occasional allergic reaction. Not sure what the deal is or what causes it. In a matter of about 5 minutes a civil war goes on inside my gut and then all my food finds its way through my intestines. And on top of that, my throat swells to make breathing a little more work, my ears itch and my nose gets stuffy for a while. This goes on for about 45 minutes and then my sinuses drain and my throat goes back to normal. I've tried to pay attention to the food I consume right before hand but nothing makes sense. This happened yesterday as we were walking out of the house for Thanksgiving. Our two hour drive took 3 hours and included several potty stops in between. The only things I had to eat were a slimfast and granola bar which is what I eat every morning. I didn't change my skin care products at all either so who knows.

This morning I'm feeling refreshed and ready for a busy weekend. Tomorrow morning we're serving the college basketball team brunch, then going to their game. Later that evening is LivingStone which is usually followed by an activity with our junior high kids. I told Ryan that I was too tired for the youth activity this time. I imagine some of the junior high and high school girls will come home with me Sunday for a few hours between church and our financial peace class. I think I'll be ready for Monday to come along - being swamped at work sounds like less work than our weekend plans.


Amy said...

Yikes! That doesn't sound like fun! There is something in a few salad dressings that gets to me. Makes me feel like throwing up and passing out. But I don't know what it is either! I hope yours calms down or you figure out what it might be!

Jody said...

Poor thing! I hope you can ge it figured out!

Ashley said...

Did you figure that allergy thing out? What a pain!