14 December 2007

Scott, I am your mommy!

I think my son has basically lived at my mom's this week. Sunday night he stayed with her. Monday night we got home at 7pm and played a little together while putting up the Christmas tree. Tuesday night I met Ryan, the kids and his parents for supper and then they came home with us to decorate the tree. Scott played with his grandpa for the most part. Wednesday I came home late and he stayed at his grammy's. Saw him for a few minutes before work and a few minutes after work. I went to bible study and he stayed at his Grammy's. Tonight he will go home with his dad but I have a Christmas party to attend so I won't see him then. I'm really looking forward to being home Saturday with him. Sunday is a full day and after church my inlaws will watch the kids so I won't see him then either. I promise though. I am Scott's mommy and do love to have time with my son!


Jody said...

I kind of want Caelan to forget about me. She is such a "mommy's girl"... I just want her to cling to someone else for a while.

Fantastagirl said...

Merry Christmas Tammy!

Ashley said...

crazy busy!!