14 December 2007


The car got "fixed" and $204 later, I took it home. Only now it makes a funny buzzing noise when the fan is on.

I did finally go shopping. Tuesday all day to Rochester with one of my partners in crime. The weather was nasty but we headed north and had clean roads, spent lots of money, had a good time, bought ourselves gifts too, enjoyed the "butt warmers" (aka heated seats) and got a little Christmas shopping done too.

Wednesday I was working near the city and got done a little early. So, I headed over to the city to finish my shopping. It didn't quite get done but that's okay. I hate not being done, I'm usually done in October. Anyway, after a few hours and another fun purchase for myself, I met up with my girls. We shopped for our own version of Operation Christmas Child. We went to 7 stores. When Target was closing at 11pm, I decided to head home. I'd been walking around for 7 hours and my feet and hips hurt. So, I headed home. The girls finished shopping there and headed to another store. I got home at 1230 and was in bed by 1am. The rest of my girls however got home at 330am. They're crazy! Although, I don't know that I was much different on sleep time. I'd had a caramel frapp and don't usually drink coffee so I was pretty wired and didn't sleep.

The good thing is that we're almost done shopping. The bad thing is I got charged for the wrong ornament and paid $5 more than the price. The other bad thing was that Sam's no longer had the item I wanted to get for my brother in law for his gift! Oh well.


Meritt said...

Oooo I hate getting overcharged! It can instantly suck the fun out of my entire shopping trip!

Sorry 'bout that one.

Ashley said...

I am thinking about you today as I am hearing tons about Iowa on the news!