28 December 2007


Okay, so I try not to focus too much on gifts for Christmas but rather take time to appreciate the One true gift for which we celebrate. However, with that said, I love giving gifts. It's so much fun.

I was very spoiled this year, as I usually am. Ryan got me a practical gift but I'm perfectly happy with my new item... when it arrives. He also got me new headphones for my ipod which was another perfect gift. Mom made me a beautiful Christmas tree skirt which took plenty of her time, talent and money. She and Ralph also got me a few other little things - candy and a new shirt. Dad came to visit which is a wonderful gift as he'd not yet met Bethany. And be brought me freshly picked oranges. Yum, yum! My inlaws gave me a little wall hanging that she made. its really cute. So, not tons of crap that I'll never use but enough for me to appreciate. I'm thankful.

And now, I'm really curious. What did you get for Christmas?


Meritt said...

Oooo I got a homemade Christmas Tree Skirt one year from my SIL - I loved it. It was a copy-cat of the felt skirt my husband had under his tree as a child.

Alisha J said...

I got a lot ... way too much! Fun stuff though. My mom is an amazing gift giver and shops through out the year. She got me a fun fondue pot. DJ went in with several others to get me the whole series of Friends on DVD. That gift will keep me busy for years to come!
Hope you guys are well - I always read your blog! Keep us updated.

~ Alisha

Ashley said...

I was very blessed this year. I am loving all of my gifts. The best one - my kitten. Although he can be a stinker!