26 December 2007

Playing the #'s game

If you were to stare at your gut for half an hour each day, do you think it would motivate you to lose weight, eat healthier, excercise, etc? When I pump twice a day at work, the only location that works is right in front of the bathroom mirror. Not so exciting, but it is motivating. Last week, I had a random thought (which is very normal for me). I thought that I'd like to get back down to my pre-scott weight. Ideally, I'd like to be pre-marriage weight but I wanted to be realistic with myself. Check out these numbers:

Pre-marriage: 118-122
Pre-Scott: 125
9 mos pregnant: 167
pre-Bethany: 130, I think
9 mos pregnant: 153
just the other day: 125

Yee, flippin' haw! I was so excited. I've not been on the scale in a while and never expected to weigh that. However, I have noticed that my gut is smaller than pre-bethany and I can fit into slacks that were pre-scott again. Woo hoo! Maybe pre-marriage isn't unrealistic after all!

* the numbers above may be a little off here and there but they're my best guess according to what I started at and what I gained with each kid.


CORI said...

As your official college weigh master I would like to correct one of your numbers. When you and Kate used to have weigh offs, I am almost certain that you and her both weighed 116.

Anyways, 125 is awesome for 2 kids later! Congrats!!! I wish I weighed that!

Jody said...


Fantastagirl said...

I don't know if I like you anymore...

Just kidding - that is awesome - way to go!

jerelyn said...

That is A-MAY-Zing!

Kristine said...

Congrats! That's impressive! I'm back down to pre-preg, too, though things don't look the same :) I think with #2 the diet is the too-busy-to-remember-to-feed-yourself. Watch out when #2 starts eating, though... then you'll be finishing off leftovers of 2! Not that I have that problem, or anything!!!

Ashley said...

Um, 125? I won't even tell you what I saw on the scale for myself today. I think I pretty much want to stop eating...forever.