19 March 2011


I love when Kerry does her snack sized posts. Yes, I didn't link to her blog cause I'm too lazy. My tiredness (ie laziness) is also why i've chosen the snack-size post for today.

Word Verification
I despise having to do word verification when leaving a comment on someone's blog. Often times it prevents me from leaving a comment. So, just now, I took that off my both blogs. Feel free to leave a comment, no verification required.

Driving Around
I don't like driving all over the place. I like it even less when it's a million shades of dead stuff around here instead of the lush green. But today, I drove 20 mins, picked up my Mongolian friendship student, drove 40 minutes to walmart, shopped with one whiny child and another one who told me how much he liked everything he saw, even the mayo. Then drove through McYuck's for lunch on the road. Drove 40 mins back to drop off Mongolian pal, drove 30 mins to pick up Ryan's bday gift and then 35 mins home. Too much driving for me. But gas is cheap, right!?!?!

Scott's Glasses
This week he lost a lens. It was found the next day. I rejoiced tha I didn't have to buy a new $80 lens. He lost it again the next day but he found it right away. We saw that a screw was now missing. It got "fixed" this morning. Also had them put silicone nose pads on so he doesn't have to push his glasses up all the time. But now they're crooked. They don't sit on his face straight. Great. Tweak them a bit and hear a loud pop. Can't see anything broken so we move forward.

Health Issues
If you know me, you know that my son has an ongoing health issue. I've asked the doc about it and been told he'll grow out of it. Well, much growing has occurred but he still has his problem. It's sad. Heart breaking but not life-threatening. Took him to the doc who said "I'm suprised we didn't catch this earlier". He's lucky I wasn't there or I would have bit his head off!!!! We go to a specialist in late April. I can't wait to get some answers. I'm a little nervous for a bad prognosis.

Speaking of Health Issues
I have this nagging irritated throat. Not 100% sore or dry. But irritated. Towards the end of the day it gets sore. I need rest. This is not a rest ful weekend. Argh! I need to not get sick so to bed I go and a rest I shall take tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow...

Mongolian Culture Night
As part of our church missions, our goal is to bring awareness of other cultures to our church. Tomorrow night we host a Mongolian Culture Night at our church. There are 14 Mongolian students at our nearby college who will share. I can't wait! Singing, presentations, game and food... suh-weet. Just today I learned a few new things about Mongolia while I was out with my student.

Okay, seriously hitting the hay now. I had one more gift for Ryan's birthday but he's over there snoring. Guess I'll have to give it to him tomorrow!

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