20 March 2011

Mongolian Culture Night

The missions committee of our church hosted a Mongolian Culture Night. There are 14 Mongolian students currently at UIU who treated us with a fun and informational night. I learned more about a country sandwiched between China and Russia, where the horses outnumber the people, where girls train their bodies to be contortionists at a young age, and where fermented mares milk is a desirable drink. Here's a few pictures that show some of the traditional dress.

The first is of Bethany wearning Naraa's traditional dress, called a dell.
Bethany and Naraa pause for a picture. We are Naraa's friendship family. Being a busy senior and well acclimated to life at UIU, we treasure the times we actually get to connect with her:

Eerii's outfit. She looked awesome!

One of the guys' traditional outfits. Different outfits are used at different times of the year in different areas.

Thank you to the International Programs office at UIU for their help in organizing and transport. Thanks to my Mongolian pals who showed up to teach us all something new. Your joy is cantagious! The only thing I didn't like about the night was that by the end, my husband was ready to give up his airline ticket to Ethiopia so he could return to Mongolia. Yikes.

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