16 March 2011

Good Night's Rest

I had a great night of sleep last night. Thanks to my sleep number bed and multiple layers of blankets, I didn't count sheep! How about you? Did you sleep well last night?

Imagine if you had to sleep on a crummy bed in a dirty Sup3r8. Could you imagine? The bed would probably be hard as a rock and who knows what would be crawling on your comforter.

Friends, it could be so much worse. In most of rural Ethiopia, people are sleeping on the dirt floor. Imagine how comfortable that would be! And what crawls on them at night? How 'bout breathing in that dry dust next to your nostrils. If they have a little more money, they might be sleeping on hay laid over the dirt floor.

Last January when a group visited the FOVC sponsored children in Shanto, the sponsors were able to send little gifts. One child received a fleece blanket from her sponsor. Can you imagine her joy. A blanket! Wow. With rainy seasons coming, I imagine those dirt floors don't stay completely dry. Could you imagine having a blanket to lay over the grime and muck they call their bed?

The other day I emailed Lory at FOVC to see if there was a need for bags for the school children. She shared the story of the blanket with me. You know how easy it would be to vacuum seal fleece (it's light-weight) and take it to Ethiopia? Wouldn't that be a cool gift to give?

I'm quickly learning that though my role with FOVC is the Crops for Widows program, my heart is much bigger than that...


J.B.'s Blog said...

Hey Tammy,
For creative sewing at school I have students do an extra project to donate to a good cause. Last trimester we did the hospital and gave them baby blankets. Would you be interested in us making them to send to Ethopia? Just a thought. Have a great day!

Linds said...

Will you please keep us posted if you're taking donations for blankets??