10 March 2011

Calling All Pillow Case Seamstresses

We may not all be able to go, but all of us can participate!

I took the following right off Lory's blog.  If you don't want to click on the link, then read below:
Hello Everyone,

I am taking another team to Shanto around the first of June. 

FOVC is beginning to expand to three more villages. So, we will work in Shanto again, and we will also visit the new villages.

It would be sooooo amazing to bless those little village girls with pillowcase dresses.

Anyone up for another round of sewing? For a simple tutorial on how to make these simple dresses, go here. Or go here.

Important note: please use thick, grosgrain ribbon, or real fabric straps for the ties! We would also love to take simple, elastic-waist skirts and t-shirts for the bigger girls. Culturally, once a girl is 10 or 11, a mid-shin-length skirt is more appropriate for her.  

Simple boy pants and shirts would be greatly appreciated, too....I hear the clearance racks at Walmart, Target and Kohls are full!

Let me know if you are "in" for this project!


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