05 March 2011

Girls Day Out

Bethany and I had a girls day out. We didn't design it that way on purpose at first. But it ended up that way and I took full advantage of trying to make it special for her. She probably wouldn't rate it as high as when she got to go skating the other night (she loves this friend) but we had fun.
It didn't start out so great but we chose to make it sweet anyway. Up during the night multiple times cleaning up after a sick kid, I was thankful that they slept in a little. A sick kid meant I couldn't run and get groceries while Ryan was at work. So, instead while Scott slept in till mid morning, the littles and I cleaned their bedrooms.
Following a quick lunch and showers, I took my sweet girl grocery shopping with me. Tired and easily agitated, it wasn't quite as much fun as I'd hoped for but Bethany didn't seem bothered. She had fun looking at and asking for shoes, dolls and purses. She was reminded that we didn't need those things but I did cave and bought her a $1 jacks set. After groceries, we headed up the hill to Ryan's folks. I got a break while G&G played with their energetic and not-so-well mannered granddaughter. As we left there, I thought it would be good for the two of us to go to supper together. Bethany agreed on a "date with mommy".
She had two options: the golden arches and mexican food. She chose mexican food and I was happy. We got there and she wanted the strawberry margarita. I explained it was "alcohol" and she was too young. She clearly told me, and the neighboring tables, that she wanted alcohol. I didn't cave on that one :) We looked at a family fun magazine together until our food came. While eating, she began to slow down. But not enough to keep her mouth shut about the details of her brothers sickness when a neighboring table interacted with her. Nice one Bethany! We ate our food and snuck out so someone else could have the table.
I called Ryan on our way home. He was giving the boys a bath. Halelujah. One of them definitely needed it. What he didn't tell me was that Judah got a hair cut. I came home to this:
Yes, my little boy got his head bic'd by daddy. Each time I cut the boys' hair, Bethany says to cut it like daddy's. This time, with daddy in charge, he asked Judah if he wanted to match daddy. Judah said yes and proceeded to sit quietly while Ryan lathered his head up and shaved off his hair. Oh my. Guess I won't have to cut it again for a while!
So glad to come home to bathed boys and clean dishes. I was able to prop down on the couch to watch family videos with a bunch of laughing kids. Now that our girls day out is over, the kids are in bed and the groceries are put away, I better get to cleaning up my house before our guests come tomorrow.

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