06 March 2011

Double Benefit

Do you know my friend LeAnn over at http://www.journeytostone.blogspot.com/? She's one cool lady. I don't really know her cause we live a few states away from each other. I know her via the the Holt adoption yahoo board. Recently LeAnn and her family started adoption #2. I'm super excited for them as they prepare to bring home a little boy who was waiting in the orphanage for a family.

Anyway, I wanted to share a really cool way that you can support their adoption and at the same time, help provide for needs children in Ethiopia. It's a double benefit. A $10 donation will provide one pair of croc-like shoes for a child in Ethiopia and help LeAnn and family raise money to help pay for their son's plane ticket home. How cool is that! I love this idea. Click here to make one donation that helps in two ways. You can read the specifics about their fundraiser and desire to provide shoes to kids in need here.

For those who like shoes, would you consider donating shoes to a child in need? For those who've adopted a child, would you donate shoes that might end up in the community your child is from. How cool would that be!?!?!?

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