24 March 2011

Back Again

So last summer I was having back problems. It's nothing new. Had just spent time on airplanes and sleeping on a slab they called a bed. Plus I was carrying a 2 year old around on my hip trying to bond with him. No wonder I was having back problems. Then I really did it in.

I leaned over and grabbed up one of the kids to carry them in the house. I felt something slide in my back and doubled over in pain. I could hardly move. We gone to Ryan's grandparents to clean the house. I spent the next few hours on the couch as my back kept getting worse. Finally someone decided I had to go to the emergency room.

Six weeks later I still was miserable. I'd had physical therapy, x-rays, and lots of drugs. An MRI finally determined that I had a herniated disc. I was still miserable and living on pain killers and muscle relaxers. I had missed out on much of Judah's first 6 weeks at home. And when I was involved and holding or snuggling my kids, it was horribly painful.

Mixed in with the tailbone pain that I've had for 5 years, I was miserable. Slowly the pain began to alleviate. My doc informed me that I would be susceptible to easy relapse. Easy flare-ups. A few times I've had to take a muscle relaxer but mostly it's been going well.

Until tonight.

As I was walking up the stairs, I coughed and in that moment felt that "slide" feeling in my lower back and doubled over on the stairs. Did I really just do this again? For a week or two I've known that my back pain was getting worse, that I couldn't comfortably sit to work and that I needed to start my physical therapy again. Great. Slowly, I made my way up the two flights of stairs, downed some advil and crawled in bed. As I type this, I'm hoping that I can close my laptop, fall asleep and feel perfect. Think that's possible?

Umm, Lord, you know this Ethiopia trip is just 10 weeks away. Give me strength to endure so I can be a light. So I can serve others who need hope and encouragement. If I wake up in the morning feeling normal, I will boast in You alone!


Kristine said...

Dear Papa God,
Lift Tammy up into your arms and heal her back tonight as she sleeps,lord give her a full nights rest and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Heal her back completely, Lord give her peace and comfort! Amen!
Love you Tam!

Shonda said...

I think it's officially time to stop wrestling Ryan. He's bigger than you, and you always hurt your back ;)

Praying you're all better for your trip. I bet it would be kind of hard to teach widows about crops while laying in bed?

CORI said...

I know you're a very busy momma but have you been doing exercises (weights, yoga, or pilates) to keep your back healthy??? I suffer from the same herniated disc problem (after my ATV accident in Cabo) and I HAVE to make exercising my back (and stomach) a priority or else my back will just keep on relapsing. I can physically feel a HUGE difference when I go on vacation and skip exercising for a few weeks. My back begins to feel very "weak".

30 minutes a day is all you need and very worth it when you compare the pain that I know you're in right now. Plus, 30 minutes a day to take care of yourself is very worth it when you compare the weeks you'll be out now and not be able to be take care of your kiddos at full-strength.

:-( Get better!

Hal and Anna DeLaRosby said...

As a PT who specializes in treatment of the spine, I need to recommend that you find a therapist who is trained in the McKenzie technique. It is the most consistent, effective, reliable- and research evidence based treatment approach there is for this type of chronic, recurring, and disabling injury. Call around to several clinics and ask, otherwise I can make some recommendations for people to see in Dubuque, buri know that's a long drive (longer even when your back hurts). I have a few other thoughts, either shoot me an emai, or we can chat on the phone. I love the spine. And I see primarily back and neck patients in my clinic. I am happy to help if I can!