15 March 2011

Last night I posted the above picture on facebook with a caption that read: "Do you think she stayed out the mud when I asked her?" I guess she'll be wearing a different pair of shoes tomorrow. Will it be her snow boots? She loves to wear those cause they're partly pink. Will it be her fake uggs? Maybe it will even be her princess shoes which are long worn out but she loves still.
It was a cute little story for me to find her stuck in the mud and not able to get her foot out. She was cute. The picture I took of her shoes in the shower turned out cute. But this next picture taken from Ingrid at http://12knotheel.blogspot.com makes me a little sick that my daughter has 4 pairs of shoes and countless shirts in her drawer.
These kids pictured have quite a different story. These kids were receing a single new outfit. Now they have two pairs of clothes. Two people, just two. And because water is scarcely available, their clothes don't get washed very often. So they literally wear their clothes for days on end. When was the last time you wore your clothes for over 24 hours? Even when I was travelling home from Ethiopia and it took over 24 hours, I took a change of clothes for my carry-on so that I could have fresh clothes on when I arrived home. Sadly, these kids don't get the luxury of having multiple pairs of clothes.

Sad you say? You're right. It is. And you can help. When our team travels in June to Shanto where these kids are from, it's our goal to take clothes for the children. According to the FOVC blog, they'd like to have:

  • pillowcase dresses for little girls,
  • simple clothes for boys, and
  • longer, elastic-waist skirts and t-shirts for the older girls.

Maybe your in the middle of the adoption process and need something to keep your busy. Maybe you have some fabric laying around that needs to get put to use. Maybe you have an extra $15 in your budget this month and would love to shop the local clearance racks. Maybe, just maybe, if you so desire, you can give a child his or her second outfit to call their own! Wouldn't that be cool!?!?! It'd be much cooler than the scrubbing I'm going to have to give those cute little shoes up above!


Friends of Orphans and said...

Great thinkin'! I wish EVERYONE could see the impact it has to give a little child an outfit...a simple outfit...an inexpensive outfit. But a new outfit, that is clean and new. These kids stand taller and so much more confidently because of the pride they feel to wear something clean and decent, usually for the first time in their lives. They are children of the King! They should have a chance to feel pretty / handsome for one day!

scooping it up said...

thanks for commenting, I will DEF send some stuff for your trip. Only if I can sneak somthing in for our little boy Asfaw who we sponsor. :) will come back to read more about your timing. gotta get the rest of the kids in bed!