17 March 2011

Green Theme

As I understand it, I am part Irish. The only way I celebrate is by wearing a green shirt. No doubt, today is the same. Well there is a something a little different.

Today when I think about all the green clothing I'll see, I also think about green growing plants. The plants that we'll be helping the women of Welayita start growing. Know how else that ties to my green theme? As these women grow their crops, they'll not only be able to feed their families, but maybe even produce some extra that can be traded for some green-backs (though I'm not sure they call them "green-backs" in Ethiopia). And continuing on with the green theme, thank you for those who've partnered with us these last few days to get seed money saved up to start the crops project. Our little crops fundraising is seeing some growth. I will be sure to update that meter on http://www.journey4hope.blogspot.com/ again this coming Saturday!

Okay, back to the green-wear. What do you do today to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? And a better question, one that goes beyond clothing and colored drinks, do you know why St. Patricks Day is celebrated. I'm sure I've been told but can't remember if I have. Would love to hear your comments on this one.

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Anonymous said...

How many blogs do you HAVE???? Yesterday I undressed the kids so that I could save the green shirts I accidently put on them for today. Today I dressed PJ and SAG dressed Little Dude, neither of us remembered to put them in GREEN. And then, they both ate super neatly at both breakfast and lunch so neither has required a wardrobe change yet! I guess they don't want to be Irish.