25 August 2010

1000 Posts

Okay, I never really pay attention to how many posts I've done. Apparently this is #1000. In honor of 1000 posts, I have a little something to share (and maybe give one away later... too bad this isn't post 975 so I could have one done my post 1000).

Remember those canvas bags I made for the children in Ghana? I blogged about them here and here and a few other places. While making those, I decided to make one for myself. I had it just about finished right before we left for Ethiopia and then my sewing machine had a glitch (okay, really it was me that had a glitch because I was putting some pieces back in wrong after cleaning it). Anyway, last night I finished the bag. Now, I'm working on a few more canvas bags. Some with the Ethiopian flag, some with a print (like what went to Ghana) and might even make myself one to fit my laptop.

Bring on the fabric, cause I'm sewing bags again. For every bag I sell, I plan to give one bag away to someone in need. How about that. Buy one for yourself, give one to someone in need.

1 comment:

Tera Washpun said...

Tamara sign me up for one. I can always use a bag and it is for a good cause. Although I have no idea how you have time to make them.
You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!