25 August 2010


As we were walking out the door into the slightly overcast day, Bethany says: "I can't go outside, it's too sunny." Umm, no, it's overcast my dear, get outside.

On the way to town this morning Scott said: "I have to hurry and get my teeth brushed, then walk to the bus, the goof off." When I told mom what he said, she laughed because he doesn't goof off at the bus stop, he stays glued to his grammy.

Because the morning was going so great, I brought my phone charger with me. Upon arriving at work, I realized I didn't even bring my cell phone!

That makes me think of Bethany's drama the last few nights going to bed. She was scared. One time you'd ask and she was scared of her bookshelf, then next time she was scared of her pillow shark, and everything else under the sun. I had to introduce her to all the pigs and dolls on her shelf and she managed to kiss them as we went through each doll.

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