11 August 2010

Untitled... cause I'm too lazy to title this one!

Is it wrong to go to bed at night wishing that God would hold back the light for just a few hours while you catch up on sleep? Friday night I rushed home from work, changed clothes quickly, grabbed my ipod and headed out for a run. Much to my surprise, Ryan wasn’t home with the kids yet. Almost two miles into my run, Ryan still wasn’t home and I began wondering if I should have brought my cell phone along. I made a stop back by the house (I run laps on our long driveway) to grab my cell. Puzzled by the time, I call Ryan who’s on his way home with the kids. I have time to do one more lap.

Here’s where I should have stopped.

But I’m not so smart like that. I was enjoying the sunshine, the time to myself, and the music on my recently added playlist. I started mile number three. Early in my run, my legs hurt. Not the normal ache, but a pain from my knees down. I wondered if it was because I hadn’t ran for 10 days or if it was something else. Knowing the pain in my legs, and the cramp in my side weren’t going away, I opted to mostly walk the last mile.

The last quarter mile was the sweet as I had my two little ones with me. Bethany and Judah wanted to run with mommy in their flip flops. The business of family kept me moving and my muscles warm for the next few hours. That night as I crawled in bed freshly showered, I looked forward to sweet dreams.

I may have had sweet dreams last night but they were regularly disrupted by wakefulness.

Saturday I opted not to run. I was sore and still not sure what the cause was of the tingling and aching in my legs. Not to mention that Saturday I tripped going up the stairs, folded my body in half trying to brace myself and had an awful pain in my lower back. Great. I really don’t want another back injury. Saturday was a busy and frustrating day. We enjoyed a few hours at Sweet Corn Days while our church kicked off the summer Vacation Bible School. Can taking three kids to a kiddie area (bounce house, seed spitting contest and roping a calf all went along with the Saddle Ridge Ranch theme for VBS) with 86 degree humid weather be any fun? How do single parents do it? Needless to say that night I was tired. Shortly after the kids were in bed, I peeled my contacts out, brushed my teeth and headed to bed myself.

Sunday came and introduced itself to me with a kiddo, Scott, who had some question. In my half-asleep state I thought it was a good time to send him back to bed hoping we could all get a little more sleep. I didn’t know that I’d actually be able to fall back asleep and have multiple moments of wakefulness mixed in with the next two hours of sleep. It felt so good to sleep. Anticipating the events of the coming week, sleep couldn’t be a bad idea at all.

I didn’t go to sleep asking God to hold back the light for a few hours. However, I sure am glad that God helped hold my eyelids closed for a long and much enjoyed night of sleep.

It’s now after 10 and we’ve had another full day which included church, a baptism in the river of some dear friends, a wonderfully yummy lunch at the church, setting up for VBS, keeping/entertaining the neighbor boy with cheap water guns, browsing through junk food for supper, reading that same book AGAIN to Bethany, bed time routine, and watching one episode of The Unit. I could use another long night of sleep to be ready for next week. I’m super excited to see how God will show up at the Saddle Ridge Ranch.

P.S. I still haven’t forgotten about the Charity: Water. In fact, I revisited my want list from Tupperware and was fine with wanting all those things. Then the Charity: Water came to mind. What do I want more, some Tupperware that I’ve managed without or clean water for a family in Ethiopia??? Pretty convicting to me but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

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CORI said...

Please tell me that you are doing some type of weight training for your back OR at the very least pilates???? If you don't improve the muscles in your back and tummy (core muscles) than you'll continue to have back problems.

After my accident in 2006, I do strength training, pilates, and yoga on a weekly basis. The weights and pilates are really what keep my back in good shape. The yoga just helps with staying limber. As soon as I stop doing one of the 3 on a regular basis, I immediately begin getting back aches and pains.

There are several awesome 30-50 minute pilates videos on amazon.com. There are also Mommy & Me yoga videos too. Mommy does the "real" yoga but there are moves shown on the video for the kiddos to do that are fun and mimicks Momma's moves.

Let me know if you need recs.