04 August 2010

Never a dull moment

Today I was home early. We met with our social worker for a required post-adoption visit. Home more than two hours before normal, I grabbed my laptop and began working on a post for our adoption blog. Sitting in the living room, I hear something fall in the next room over. I turn my head and peer through the French doors to see something on the floor. As I’m trying to figure out what could have fallen in the dining room, I hear it. The sound of something spewing out of a bottle. I know exactly what that is. I jump out my seat as quickly as I can and run into the other room to grab up the bottle that burst through the cap and popped the cork - that’s what I saw on the floor. I rush into the kitchen to grab some cleaning supplies. As I come back into the dining room, I see how wide the blast was. It shot the cork clear across the room which is no surprise. The fact that the wine sprayed all across the room surprised and frustrated me. It wasn’t just a cheap bottle of wine. It was a prized bottle of Muscat Wine from the Ramos Torres Winery. When we were visiting the winery in 2008, it was the wine-maker’s first crush of Muscat and hadn’t even been bottled yet. Ryan liked it so when I was there in 2009, I stopped by the tasting room and forked out the cash (the wine-maker is a childhood friend of mine and usually gives me wine) to buy Ryan a little gift. As I began wiping up the mess, I find that its everywhere. Across the table, all over the wood floor, in the centerpiece which is a bowl full of wine corks (ha, ha), down the antique sewing machine and even puddled in the little pull out storage containers of the sewing cabinet. Nice.

Now, I’m not wine-maker or wine-drinker for that matter but I did know enough to put the cork back in the bottle. When Ryan came in the house, he put it in the fridge to chill so he can finish off the remaining wine (yes, there’s about a glass full left) tonight. I’m a little nervous about the other 20 or so bottles that are tipped on their side in my dining room. I guess if I can learn to drink coffee, I can learn to drink wine, right? Currently I flavor my cup of coffee with a packet of hot chocolate mix and some other flavoring. What can I mix with the wine to make it more palatable on my inexperienced palate? You can be sure that next time I’m in Kingsburg, California, I will be stopping by the Ramos Torres Tasting Room to grab another bottle of wine!

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