18 August 2010

Website Wednesday

I started thinking about this post and ignored it and watched an entertaining TV show while I vegged on the couch. So, a little delayed and a bit rushed, I began to think about what website I wanted to share. A website I use often? A website that showcases an organization that I believe in? Here’s my Website Wednesday choice:

Family Fun Magazine is one of my favorite websites. Don’t get me wrong, I love the actual magazine that my in-laws faithfully give to me. But I also make lots of use out of their website. What I like about the website is that it has the same info and so I can just link to the project or article that I want to share with friends. When I’m making a shopping list, I can copy it right from the website so I don’t have to re-write it (yes, I’m lazy like that).

Here’s a perfect example of one of their projects. If only I had read the magazine or perused the website before today - the first day of school and Scott’s turn to take snacks to school. Not that I would have been organized enough to accomplish these cute cupcakes, but I might have tried. These cupcakes are made with a cooking, an M&M, Mr. Goody candy and white piping. How easy is that!?!? Go on over and check out the Family Fun website.

Speaking of fun websites, I also want to share one of my favorite blogs. She’s new at blogging but I love what she has to write. Her facebook posts, if you know her in real life, are always funny, encouraging and or thought provoking. She’s another momma who has biological children and has adopted. Like Jayme, she was in my travel group. Go on over and meet Mrs. Deem.

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